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What is your highest ROI procedure?

We want the doctors in our provider groups to be in business for another decade. So I’m going to ask this question three times in order to hammer in a concept most doctors are oblivious to.

“What is the name of the procedure you provide that gives your clinic the highest return-on-investment?”

Now, we’re talking about the cost of your time (as the lead physician, the person actually trained to deliver the procedure). AND we’re ALSO talking about the time investment of your staff (your front office administrators).

I’ll ask it again:

“From the patient’s first phone call to when a patient leaves your office (hopefully with a smile on their face) – how long does it take you and your staff to treat them? Additionally, how long does it take for the money to enter your practice’s bank account? (Factor that in too if you accept insurance).”

Time is money. Let’s do some mental math. Here’s an example:

A simple physical and diagnostic x-rays or blood work might take 10-20 minutes of the doctor’s time. On top of that we add one hour for the time your front office staff spends on phone tag, appointment scheduling, email follow up, record management, and, of course (everyone’s favorite), bill collecting from insurance. Not an unreasonable amount of time, but in exchange for what you’ll have to fight with insurance to get paid does it really measure up?

Compare that with all of the other procedures your practice offers in relation to the revenue generated from them after accounting for time (of both staff and your own).

….We believe the P-Shot and O-Shot to be one of those high ROI procedures.

We’ve trained and worked with doctors from coast to coast who understand their bottom-line costs. Doctors who want to step back from their business and put systems (and people) in place. i.e. “The right butts in the right seats”

Asking yourself the question “What is my highest ROI procedure” allows you to niche into the doctor you could become. It allows you to systematize and scale your business by focusing your energy on the services that will provide the most growth for time spent. It allows you to ultimately help more people.

We believe the P-Shot and O-Shot can be this procedure.

Let us show you how.

P.S. Your job is to administer healing. It’s not less enjoyable if it’s more profitable.

Best regards,

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Sean Byrd

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