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Calculated Progress vs Risk Aversion and Growing Your Medical Practice

Two quotes for you to think about today:

“The best defense is a good offense.”

“Sometimes the riskiest thing is not taking a risk at all.”

A lot of people in 2020 have been playing defense. And hey, I get it; this past year has been a curveball for everyone. It’s important to be gentle on ourselves amidst the economic, political, and frankly, emotional turmoil this past year has put us through.

But can you adapt? We’re all trying to strike a balance between playing it safe and maximizing the total number of opportunities available to us in the new year.

As pointed out by Arthur D. Little’s article, the key is to help decision makers “look beyond the short-term crisis and start preparing for the new world”.

Many restaurants were able to pivot towards a delivery-first model, update their seating layout, laminate menus, and focus on employee training to adapt and even thrive in the new business environment.

No matter how much organizations want to save their budget, there comes a point when they must spend in order to continue their growth or be on the road to recovery.

Helping practices across the world tap into new market segments within the growing fields of sexual wellness and aesthetics, and doing so profitably, is my personal goal (look out for an email from me in a few days about the profitability of PRP for your practice).

You can choose to adopt a mentality of “conservative risk aversion” or one of “calculated growth”. I know I’ll be choosing an attitude of resiliency and innovation – light in the face of darkness.

A. Conservative Risk Aversion

“The world has never been this uncertain. Society is shifting beneath our feet. Look at the continued horrors on the news. Surely this is evidence that things are going wrong. Let’s not make any decisions until the landscape appears friendly again.”

B. Calculated Growth

“Whatever you focus on grows. Therefore I choose to focus on striving towards my core goals rather than focus on my fears. I choose to focus on what I can control instead of getting caught up in the global environment. I’m fiscally responsible yet driven to innovate and grow. I improve my community. My work employs others. My work helps men and women look and feel younger.”

Does your office have the resiliency to survive (and thrive) in this new economy?

I’m not here to simply guide you towards becoming a licensed provider of the O-Shot, P-Shot, and Vampire procedures. The truth is, PRP Training is only one way (albeit a very powerful one) in which you can innovate and grow your practice.

I believe together we can make strategic yet responsible decisions to better the lives of our family, employee’s, and patients.

This is what the Cellular Medicine Association is all about; supporting medical practices, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and others in their plight to help as many patients discover the healing properties of PRP for sexual health & aesthetics.

Here’s to taking a calculated leap towards growth this year.

Best regards,
Sean Byrd

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Sean Byrd

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