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Who is the CMA & How Does it Work?

Members join a community of other MDs, DOs, PAs, RNs, and others who are pioneers in sexual wellness and aesthetic regenerative medicine. The Cellular Medicine Association’s cash-based procedures enhance medical clinics bottom lines and medical professionals who want to separate themselves from insurance, and offer patients a safer alternative to surgical and pharmaceutical treatment options.

Approved members become licensed providers of the Cellular Medicine Association, either online, or in-person through the group’s founder, Dr. Charles Runels. Once accepted, trained, and certified, members can begin administering and marketing the procedures themselves. Members tap into a pre-existing global demand for these medical procedures, which have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar and other national publications.

“Currently there are 1,518 providers of various specialties who perform the P-shot.” – Dr. Anne Truong 2018

The ACCMA is a provider group that protects their procedures, intellectual property, and members. Dr. Runels ensures the highest standard of training in his procedures. To ensure uniformity and quality assurance of medical care, each member is taught to administer the procedure in a standardized fashion. They go home, back to their clinic with the information needed to perform the procedures, the systems needed to train their staff in the administration of the medical procedures, and the marketing know-how necessary to attract paying patients.

There are over 2 billion searches on Google for “o shot” and over 1 billion searches for “p shot” (Google SERP data – November 2019)

Over half a million dollars has been spent by the Cellular Medicine Association on financing research projects and ongoing trials. The money you contribute to our group goes into funding research, up to date training materials, access to Dr. Runels, and legal protection for your right to practice the trademarked procedures.

“The best way to have a name brand is to have a name brand that actually means something.” – Dr. Charles Runels

Who can Become a Licensed Provider?

Currently, the ACCMA is able to train: MD, DO, PA, RN, NP, LPN, DDS and more.
We are not able to train: Naturopaths, Estheticians, and Chiropractors.

The CMA does not believe in practicing “assembly-line medicine”

Most of the practitioners in Dr. Runels’ group have reached a level of expertise where they are tired of doing the same medical procedures over and over again. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy doing them or still don’t take satisfaction from helping their patients. It’s just that most of the professionals who join the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association are looking for that next adventure in medical science and are tired of the hassles of dealing with insurance companies.

An active community dedicated to modern medicine

Currently, there is a wide-open discovery with what we are able to do with growth factors, PRP, stem cells and amnion. Across the world, patients are turning to natural healing mechanisms and are requesting procedures that take fewer incisions, less risk, and less recovery time. The Cellular Medicine Association is here to study and see how we can implement all these different ways of cell growth into beneficent practices for our patients. They are charting new courses in medical science and equipping their members with the tools they need to help more people.

All this for a procedure your patients can do in their lunch hour.

Why become an ACCMA member?

Completing Dr. Runels’ PRP certification training courses will mean that you become equipped to perform certain regenerative medicine procedures on behalf of your patients. However, it doesn’t stop there. Read on to learn more about how the community of certified providers benefits your medical team, how the legal team protects you, and what your life looks like after becoming a provider.

How can the monthly membership fee help me distinguish my medical clinic?

Traditionally, a doctor may be able to go to a filler or neurotoxin training class or learn how to inject dermal fillers and then be good to go – (ready to inject). However, with Dr. Runels’ procedures that same doctor is buying into becoming a licensed provider and all of the benefits that come with that designation.

In addition to the webinars, which are available 24/7, the blog is accessible by all members. Since procedures are constantly refined and developed, there are on hand, in the Rolodex, a collection of urologists, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, and family practitioners, all on the same webinar talking about their observations. The blog enables first-hand learning, observational learning, and interesting case studies. It empowers each practitioner with the platform and the voice to aid medical aesthetic research.

“Platelet Rich Plasma and Cellular medicine goes across the board in multiple specialties. What we’re trying to do here is foster research, protect our reputation, and help with the protection and education of our patients. – Dr. Charles Runels

Boost Your Medical Clinic’s Revenue

The Cellular Medicine Association has done the marketing for you. Boost your medical office revenues with procedures that get millions of searches per year.

We’ve done a search on Google for all the procedures you’ll be taught in the training course. Here are the number of search results that came back. (We encourage you to do the same in your browser window and double-check our work).

We’ve done a search on Google for “O Shot” “P Shot” “Vampire Facial” “Vampire Facelift” and “Vampire Breast Lift” and found that each search yielded back more than 6 million results.

A Lifetime of Benefits & Legal Protection

Continued Education & an Active Community

An active blog, in-person & online training, monthly webinars, patient consent forms, protocol guides, and a medical library of community knowledge ensure you’re getting the practical information needed for safe procedures that yield satisfactory results. Whether you want to share ideas and learn from other medical professionals around the globe or you have a question for Dr. Runels’ and his staff, we’re here to help support your continued success.

National Advertising to Generate & Increase Demand

Each month the O-Shot®, P-Shot®, Vampire Facelift® Vampire Facial®, and Vampire Breast Lift® are the feature of glossy mags, news interviews, beauty blogs and more. The CMA puts a lot of money behind marketing their procedures (and protecting them from people using the name without permission). This is all to increase demand for the providers.

Exposure on Dr. Runels’ Directory of Approved Providers

The monthly membership fee secures your a listing on Dr. Runels’ directory of approved providers for each procedure you are licensed to offer. Many patients start their search directly on the directory when looking for a local practitioner and they are able to filter down to find the provider that is closest to them.

Legal Protection

Coca Cola is trademarked. It means that Pepsi Cola, (or another nefarious cola brand) can’t take Coca Cola’s branding, a product of its hard work and first mover advantage, and sell it to consumers. That would be illegal.

A service mark is a subset of a trademark. A service mark protects a specific method of doing something. In this case, the O Shot, P Shot, and Vampire procedures.

Medical professionals can become members and decide later on that the ACCMA is not for them. That is okay. Where we run into problems is if you continue to market their Coca Cola.

“If you decide that you want to drop out, we don’t try to punish people for leaving us. That’s your choice. All we ask is that you change the name if you keep doing the procedure. You can keep doing the procedure, just use a different name.” – Dr. Charles Runels

Simply put, non-members do not have the right to use these millions of dollars of marketing and goodwill in order to sell the procedures. Establishing this association has taken a lot of hard work, research hours, and a lot of lawyering. Doctors not in the club who use the ACCMA’s service marks unethically do not have the right to use those millions of dollars of marketing and goodwill that we’ve maintained.

Dr. Runels spends between $30,000 – $50,000 per month going after these infringers, ensuring the safety of the population at large. He wants doctors to be practicing with the same sets of procedures, standards, and FDA approved medical equipment.

Marketing the Medical Procedures

Getting "Butts in Seats and PRP in Cheeks"

The most valuable tool you will gain as a physician or provider of the ACCMA is the marketing knowledge to launch new service lines. Choose from a variety of products, including the O Shot, P Shot, and any of the Vampire procedures, including Vampire PRP for hair loss.

What if the procedure doesn’t work for one of my patients?

We believe profit should come second to health. Although many patients have shown increased sexual wellness after just one treatment, there are patients who will not feel the beneficent effects of the procedure. This is a reality.

Health should be the primary concern of the caregiver. Dr. Charles Runels has said “Give back money [to those] who don’t get well so that you keep your reputation clean. I’ve never kept one penny from anybody that I treated that didn’t think it was worth what I did, and I recommend to do the same thing.”

Your best marketing initiative is a squeaky clean reputation.

To help you keep your good name, the Cellular Medicine Association does everything they can to increase demand and perform sound medical research for the procedures.

How to promote the ACCMA’s procedures on my medical clinic’s social media and website?

With over 10 billion Google results for the procedures, you have enough social media content to last you until the end of time. Simple Google “o shot” “p shot” or “vampire facial” and take your pick. The procedures are known worldwide. What’s more, the publications that write about Dr. Runels and his procedures are motivated to share their content with you, as this increases their ad revenues when you share articles to your network.

Additionally, if you look up the procedures on the internet and social media, the ACCMA has practically done the marketing for you.

The “Sure Start” program will kickstart your marketing.

Dr. Runels’ “Sure Start” is a free consultation which is included in the cost of your training and membership. You will speak to someone in our office who will teach you the ins and outs of marketing the procedures. 

“We have business people in the office with business degrees that have been helping our providers now for several years. They know how to get you rolling and what works to help market these [procedures]. – Dr. Charles Runels.

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