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About Dr. Runels’ PRP Certification Courses

Dr. Charles Runels provides live in person training, or online training for Physicians, Nurses, and other qualified medical professionals who would like to provide the most cutting edge, non-invasive, natural medical procedure using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Dr. Runels offer training and certification for: The Vampire Facelift® which uses PRP and fillers such as Juvederm, The Vampire Facial®, The Vampire Breast Lift®, The O-Shot® (aka The Orgasm Shot), and the Priapus Shot for Men. These procedures rejuvenate the body using the patient’s own PRP.

About Sean Byrd

In January 2014 Sean worked as Director of Marketing for a Hormone Replacement Therapy “HRT” clinic in South Florida. At the time, HRT was generating steady business, but the founding Doctor was looking to grow his practice and had some experience using Platelet Rich Plasma injections for his own knee pain.

Sean began researching Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and found The Vampire Facial® was generating a ton of media attention thanks to Kim Kardashian having the procedure performed in March 2013, while posting photos of the process to her Instagram account.

This immediately caught Sean’s attention and he recommended adding The Vampire Facial® to the practice’s list of services. Upon researching The Vampire Facial®, Sean found out the name of the procedure was copyrighted and trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels and that any Doctor who wanted to perform the procedure had to be trained and licensed by Dr. Runels either online or at his office in Fairhope, Alabama.

Sean contacted Dr. Runels’ office for the Doctor to be trained in several procedures; The Vampire Facial®, The Vampire Facelift®, The Vampire Breast Lift®, The Priapus Shot®, and The O-Shot®. All of these procedures were taught in depth by Dr. Charles Runels as well as information on how to market them to their patients.

Sean obtained his Certificate of Consultant Training from Dr. Runels. Sean decided to become the expert in marketing of the procedures and returned to Dr. Runels’ training class 13 more times.

After returning from Fairhope, Sean utilized the marketing skills taught to him by Dr. Runels to grow the practice in South Florida. Within 90 days, the Doctor he worked for was scheduling 10-15 of the “Vampire” procedures per month. Within 6 months, the marketing was paying off very well and generating 20+ new cash-paying patients per month.

In hopes of getting the word out to as many Doctors and Injectors as possible, Sean started the websites, and numerous Social Media accounts promoting Dr. Runels’ training classes. Many Doctors have now added Platelet Rich Plasma to their medical practice and most are seeing tremendous results.

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