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Why Pay a Monthly Fee to Offer the O-Shot®, P-Shot®, & Vampire Procedures?

We get this question a lot from doctors and nurses saying:

How come I have to pay the monthly fee?” Usually, this is followed up by the question, “Well if I already got trained, then it means I know how to do it, and I don’t have to call it the ‘P-Shot’ or the ‘O-Shot’ or the ‘Vampire Facelift’ I could call it Dr. Sam’s Penile Rejuvenation, and offer the procedure?”

You can. But here’s why you shouldn’t.

A) You’re losing out on a lot of organic search traffic. All the work has been done for you.

By leveraging brand names that have countless mentions in the press including sources such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Allure, Women’s Health, People, OK Magazine, etc. you shorten your path to profitability since the O-Shot, P-Shot, and Vampire Procedures are already names that patients trust with sources of social proof online. Why start from the ground floor when you can stand on the shoulder of giants?

B) Because, given a $1200 cost for a normal procedure, you’d pay for the yearly cost of membership with one patient. Even if just being in the directory of approved providers gets you more than one patient a year then it pays for the entire membership (in addition to the cross-selling between other services such as the O-Shot and Hormone Therapy or Aesthetics that naturally happens as new patients become a part of your practice).

C) It’s ethically questionable. The name “Priapus Shot” and all of Dr. Runels’ other procedures are registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office as a “service mark” to protect patients by indicating a specific protocol.

Millions of dollars have been spent by the ACCMA on financing research projects, ongoing trials, and legal protection for providers’ right to practice the procedures without having to compete with practitioners who are offering inferior care since everyone who is certified, is following a standardized protocol.

And yes, Dr. Runels is wary of Dr. Sam’s Penile Rejuvenation – however, Dr. Sam is still within his legal boundary.

Dr. Runels’ wants to keep the quality of the provider groups high and ensure only those who are 100% happy with the value received with membership stay onboard. By offering a 90-Day money-back guarantee for any reason whatsoever, there is virtually no risk.

And if for any reason you decide to cancel, then we simply ask that you stop using the trademarks.

“The best way to have a name brand is to have a name brand that actually means something.” – Dr. Charles Runels

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you’ve decided that offering Dr. Runels’ procedures is a good fit for your practice, you can apply for training here:

To the health of your practice, your patients, and your network,

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