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The Profitability of PRP for Your Practice

I’m sure you’ve considered offering PRP if you aren’t already. If you’re still deciding whether or not to jump in, let’s explore if it makes financial sense.

Average Procedure Cost for Patients

  • O-Shot: $1200-$1800
  • P-Shot: $1200-$1800
  • Vampire Breast Lift: $1200-$1800
  • Vampire Facelift: $800-1200
  • Vampire Facial: $600-$1000

That’s 100% cash payment, no insurance company to negotiate with. Now let’s take a look at some sample expenses.

  • Centrifuge: Anywhere between $2000-$10,000 (Let’s use 5k for the example)
  • PRP Kits: $75-$200 per patient
  • Being licensed to perform and advertise one of Dr. Runels’ procedures: $97/mo
  • Numbing cream, needles, and other misc items: $20 per patient (for good measure)

(Tip: Some centrifuge companies will provide you with the machine at no cost if you commit to purchasing a certain number of kits from them each month.)

Although this is a simplified outline of expenses, it should get you 90% of the way there with some tweaking based upon your own setup.

To summarize approximate expenses:


  • Centrifuge: $5000 (annualized over 3 years = $138/mo)
  • Licensing & certification: $97/mo
  • Total ($235)

Per Patient:

  • Kits & Misc: $175

Now, let’s look at how many patients you’ll need to break even and thrive assuming a conservative price of $1200 per procedure.

Here’s the formula we’ll use: Patients & Revenue Generated – (Monthly Expense + Expense per Patient) = Profit.

  • 1 Patients, $1200 – ($235 + $175) = $790 Profit
  • 2 Patients, $2400 – ($235 + $350) = $1815 Profit
  • 5 Patients, $6000 – ($235 + $875) = $4890 Profit
  • 10 Patients, $12,000 – ($235 + $1750) = $10,015 Profit
  • 18 Patients, $21,600 – ($235 + $3150) = $18,215 Profit

The deal gets sweeter when you factor in time per patient. Of course, I’d always recommend spending enough time with a patient to help them feel comfortable and satisfied with their experience. Yet, when it’s all said and done, the actual time spent injecting is only 5-10 minutes! Drawing the blood and spinning it in the centrifuge usually takes another 30 minutes but many of our providers have someone to help assist them with that portion of the procedure so you can maximize the value of your time.

As I mentioned, these equations won’t be 100% accurate to every situation (your mileage may vary) but I encourage you to plug in your own numbers and decide whether offering PRP procedures such as the O-Shot, P-Shot, & Vampire Procedures makes financial sense for you and your practice.

If that answer is yes, you can enroll in online training via the link below and be up and running in a matter of days.

Best regards,
Sean Byrd

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