We’ve had many doctors and nurses ask about our training due to having difficulties enrolling patients and making a profit during COVID-19. Suffice to say, it has affected some practices more than others. 

For some inspiration we wanted to show you one doctor’s short story – and show you how she uses the Dr. Runels’ procedures to take better care of her female patients. 

Dr. Wendy Askew, one of the gynecologists in our group wanted to let you know what’s working well for her patients. 

“I added the Vampire procedures to my practice repertoire about 3 years ago and it has absolutely revolutionized my practice. For my patients suffering from stress incontinence I now have a phenomenal non-invasive procedure with an 80 percent plus improvement rate for those suffering from stress incontinence.” 

If you are in the Cellular Medical Association’s directory of approved providers, we invite you to submit your video. Share your experience with us of how offering the P-Shot, O-Shot, and Vampire procedures has impacted your practice. 

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