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The Vampire Breast Lift Helps to Fix Rippling & Double Bubble from Implants

We’ve gotten emails from practitioners over the years asking about various ways the Vampire Breast Lift can help women achieve naturally plump and perky breasts. In today’s email we look at a few case studies, and give tips on how the Vampire Breast Lift can help “fill the gaps”, addressing some of the cosmetic and reconstructive issues around breast augmentation.

Trends in Breast Implants

More Natural Size.

More women in the United States are requesting a subtle, rather than obvious, change in their breast size. “The desire for a more natural look is clearly driving this shift in preferences” says Kevin Tehrani, MD writing on behalf of “Throughout the United States, medium to full-size B cups are trending. We have noticed an increase in women wanting smaller implant sizes (i.e., more C-cups than DD-cups).”

“Gummy Bear” Implants.

Doctors once recommended replacing your implants every decade. Now, new “Gummy bear” implants represent an important advancement in silicone implant technology. An experienced plastic surgeon can create a breast pocket for the implant with extreme precision, dramatically reducing post-surgical bruising, bleeding, pain and inflammation. The “gummy bear” implants have become available in the United States in the last five years. They are created from a cohesive silicone gel that retains its form if cut in half – it’s essentially a smaller sliver of implant than the traditional breast implant. The gel is usually soft and natural to the touch, but some implant manufacturers make them stiffer than others. These new cohesive gel implants have a rupture rate of 2.6 percent over nine years, significantly decreasing the need for replacement.

Fat Transfer Surgery.

If you have ever heard someone jokingly say they wish they could take the excess fat around their waist and send it to their breasts, we have some good news for you: This is actually possible thanks to a procedure called fat transfer breast augmentation. This surgery includes harvesting fat through liposuction from one part of the body (the thighs, arms, love handles, or back) and injecting it into the breasts. Removing fat from an area with excess fat ultimately contours and shapes the body, helps smooth out irregularities, and increases the size of one’s breasts using the body’s own natural fat cells.

Complications in Surgery

Double Bubble ((Trouble))

“Double Bubble” is a descriptive term for a postsurgical complication that can occur after breast augmentation with breast implants. Specifically, a double bubble happens when there is a clear delineation between the 1) implant and 2) the pectoralis muscle. Oftentimes, an implant drops down behind the inframammary crease rather than being pushed forward into the breast.

Please watch this video of Dr. Charles Runels’ explaining this phenomenon.


Rippling is a condition that occurs when an implant is visible on the outer perimeter of the implant. Rippling happens for a variety of reasons, including 1) insufficient breast tissue, 2) implant was placed over muscle, 3) implant was made of saline. See the below before and after of the Vampire Breast Lift done on women with rippling.

The Vampire Breast Lift can help patients with double bubble and ripping. Other breast augmentation complications, like Symmastia and Bottoming Out can also be helped by getting more tissue to regrow in the area.

If you want to learn the exact techniques and become a certified Vampire Breast Lift provider, you can apply for training here —>

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