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Online PRP Training Class

Online course for the O-Shot®, P-Shot®, Vampire Breast Lift®, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, & PRP for Hair Restoration.

This group of scientistsphysicians, and nurse-practitioners (members of the Cellular Medicine Association) works to discover and to become expert at the best uses of cell biology to improve health and beauty.

Join us now in the exciting task of finding and implementing ways to use cellular medicine for health and beauty.

The monthly cost is to be a member of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA) and includes:

  • 24/7 access to online PRP training videos, patient consent forms, protocol guides, webinars, etc.
  • You’ll be listed on our directory of approved providers to increase exposure.
  • License to use the trademarked names you’re a provider for in your marketing.
  • National advertising and press to increase demand for our procedures .
  • Direct access to Dr. Runel’s personal cell number and staff for support.
  • List of materials needed & recommended sources for those materials.

All training courses come with a 90-day money back guarantee for any reason whatsoever and the monthly fee can be canceled at any time.

At $97/mo for the O-Shot® for example and an average profit of roughly $1200-1500 per patient, you’d need 1-2 patients a year to justify the cost of membership. Most of our providers are performing several a month and many much more.

If you choose to get certified via Dr. Runels’ online PRP training and become a licensed provider, you would be granted the right to use the trademarked terms on your website, social media, print material, and other marketing items.

To help maximize your exposure, we also list you on our directory of approved providers which is often times the place where a new patient will start their search (or double check) to make sure they’re going to someone who is properly trained in Dr. Runel’s techniques.

Offering regenerative cellular medicine certainly isn’t for everyone but if you’re ready to offer cutting edge therapies, we’d be happy to invite you to join the hundreds of other providers who are successfully offering our procedures and attracting new patients through their doors.

After completing your application, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to welcome you aboard. Shortly thereafter you’ll get a call to walk you through logging in, setting up, etc.

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Get a Free Vampire, O-Shot®,
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