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WARNING: New Mexico Spa’s ‘Vampire Facial’ Clients Urged to Get Tested for HIV. Only Trust Trained Providers.


Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Charles Runels and I think due to recent events in New Mexico and all the press that’s coming out because of that scare, it is worth describing exactly what is a Vampire Facial®. Does this happen, lots of questions coming as a rolling stone that CNN talking about it and also on Fox News all over the place. People are wondering what the heck is a Vampire Facial®? Is it safe and how did this happen? So first of all, who am I? If you go to the US patent trademark office, USPTO dot Gov and you search trademarks right there and then you put in search a trademark and you put in Vampire Facial®, you will see that I own this name. So Vampire Facial®. There you go. and then you search and there I am. So Charles Runels, just so you know where this is coming from, do the same thing for Vampire Facelift® which is not the same thing. Vampire Facelift® and then you search and you’ll see the same thing. So there is my name. So what the heck is this and why was it done?

What is it? First of all, before this came about, I was injecting cosmetic procedures and I did not like that I would be saying I was doing Juvederm and another doctor saying they were doing Juvederm and there was no way to predict the results. There is still no medical board that claims cosmetic injections as part of their medical testing, not the plastic surgeons, not the family practitioners. It’s not part of a board exam. It’s just done and it comes under the medical licensing. Just it should be done in a proper way. And because of that there is a variation in state requirements. For example, some states like where I live, you have to have an md to do these injections. In some states like Texas, you don’t even need an RN degree. So it’s all over the place about what’s needed to be able to do like you don’t even know you can be an aesthetician and do Juvederm in some states.

So what is it? Uh, so I didn’t like the fact that I could be advertising Juvederm and no matter what the degree was behind someone’s name. Then when I did facial fillers and someone else did facial fillers, the level of expertise and the level of training was not predictable by what we were talking about, so in platelet-rich plasma, which has been around a very long time, this is pub med and if you just go to pub med, which is where most doctors go to research, there are over 10,000 papers about platelet-rich plasma, which is part of one of the two ingredients in a Vampire Facial® that’s been around a long time and it started to come onto the to the cosmetic things, mostly used for healing scars. Healing hard to heal tissue is what the body makes when there is an injury, and over 10,000 papers, there was not one serious side effect.

It’s what your body makes to heal tissue, so it would be like saying you’re suffocating from oxygen. Nobody gets a serious infection from PRP because it’s coming from the person’s own blood. So the process is you draw blood, it goes into the centrifuge, and then the centrifuge which should be FDA approved for preparing blood to go back into the body not a kit that’s made for analyzing blood. That device should be approved by the FDA for preparing blood to go back into the body or plasma to go back in the body. That’s the process put back into the person’s own body. So we do blood transfusions all the time. As an er physician, we handle blood all day long every day, and there was never even worrying about as long as you follow the right processes of taking blood from one patient to the other because you follow the right protocols.

So using kits that are FDA approved. Then for that not for a particular procedure, for preparing the blood, the blood actually belongs to the person, so the FDA does not approve a person’s blood. Let’s just get that off the table. Now, the FDA doesn’t approve your spit, your urine, your hair, your skin, or your blood. That is not a drug. The Food and Drug Administration, governance, drugs and devices, but if a physician uses an instrument that’s not made to prepare blood to go back into the body and instead uses a lab kit which is a lot cheaper to put blood back into the body, that is second rate medicine, so, I did not want the same unpredictability that goes along with injectable fillers and botox to be applied with blood. So from the very start when I came up with an idea of using platelet-rich plasma to go into the face and combining it with expertly done fillers, either Juvederm or Restalyne or one of those FDA approved liquid collagens, I wanted the process to be predictable.

At least, you know even the same physician is not exactly the same results with every patient very, but at least the ideas of safety protocols and the ideas of aesthetics should be understood by everyone doing the procedure. So that’s why I went to the trademark office and I patent this, not to mean a material, but to a process or a way of doing things. Now. Vampire filler was out there. Vampire therapy was being used to mean using PRP in the face, but when I first used this word or phrase, Vampire Facelift®, that compound word had never been used. You could Google it in quotation marks that did not come up and so that meant, the combination of using PRP done using the FDA approved kit in the most sterile way. The way that physicians and people who are used to dealing with blood know how to use it, doing that in combination with an expertly used Juvederm now, in the same way, using PRP in combination with micro needling means the Vampire Facial®, so Vampire Facelift® is a way that’s of using Juvederm or Restalyne or one of the new FDA approved liquid collagens and then using that as a substrate and then putting PRP on top of it.

That’s been used in wound care for a very long time and you can see that research. If you go to the Vampire Facelift®.com and look on the research page. You can see where using an HA filler like Juvederm and then putting PRP on top of it helps heal hard to heal wounds and will also help to rejuvenate the face. So, back to this thing, what the heck is a Vampire Facial®? This was meant to imply a method largest, not just any method, but a very particular method that involves with the research and as agreed upon by the members of this group, so it’s not a franchise, it’s not a material, it’s a method and this trademark means using this trademark should mean that this person is part of our group. I own the trademark, I lease it out to the cellular medicine association, so you were Medicine Association, which is our group of physicians who have agreed to do research and come up with very useful protocols for doing things like PRP also helps Lichen sclerosis.

We published in one of our dermatological journals, how using PRP when it comes to Lichen Sclerosus or very serious autoimmune process that causes problems with the skin of the vagina, causes to crack and bleed and cause problems. You can see where we’ve done research showing that it helps with that process. This was published right here, American Academy of Dermatology, and we had blinded demand pathologists demonstrating benefit. So that’s a very good paper. We spend hundreds of thousands on research and, but we also spend hundreds of thousands on legal shutting down the people who are pretending to be us. And even though I’ve been interviewed by The New York Times, twice, very nice articles have been in Cosmo, have been in the tatler. I’ve been in lots of, of articles were recent, our procedure was recently in new beauty.

I’ve never seen, even though I’ve wanted it, I’ve never seen anyone stress the idea that this should be done by people that are in our group now if you go and we own the trademarks throughout, um, for the Oshot that we own the trademarks throughout Europe, uh, for the Vampire Facelift® and Facial. We own the trademarks throughout the United States. And if you go to and throughout many other countries. So if you go to say Vampire Facelift®.com and you look at the Vampire Facial®, which is what we’re talking about now. And you look here in a very big disclaimer, and this has been here for now, almost 10 years, I guess it’s eight years now. You have this very big disclaimer at the top of the page, is protected by a patent and trademark law and only people listed on our directory have agreed to follow our protocols.

And anyone else advertising. It is stealing intellectual property. They’re stealing intellectual property. That means they’re not ethical in anybody that’s done this procedure has gone, you can’t tell me they’ve not gone to the main website and looked at it. So they’ve read this big red letter thing here and if they’re using without joining our group, they know they’re stealing. So by definition, they are unethical. So if you go here and whatever country or state you’re in, you are If you want to find someone who’s agreed to follow our protocol. I mean these are top notch doctors, plastic surgeons. And so we spent a half a million dollars on advertising. The excuse me, a half a million dollars on legal just in the past six months shutting down people who are pretending to be us trying to protect our reputation. Unfortunately, there are so many people pretending to be us that we haven’t gotten to everybody yet, but we just send out hundreds of cease and desist letters.

We spend thousands on lawyers because people realize it makes them money and they’ve dropped their standards and they use lab kids and people who aren’t even qualified to do it. Like here’s one where someone died in a massage parlor were not from one of our procedures. It turns out if you read here, it was an illegal buttocks enhancement, which is very dangerous, often done with stuff from the from the hardware store. So it was a very dangerous thing and if you google that, you’ll see lots of people have died that way, but this person was advertising Vampire Facelift® illegal. Now the only thing that makes that word illegal for her, for her to use is that we own it and all these amazing physicians with reputations to a hugely. I just showed you the list. All those people on that list that have amazing reputations.

They, uh, whenever someone steals it, it’s like, it would be exactly like they use any other trademark name, like they were pretending to be part of the Mayo Clinic or, or you know, any other respectable clinic. It’s hurting the reputation of us when somebody uses our good reputation and our hundreds of thousands of dollars in research per year and using that goodwill and good reputation to trick people into coming into a clinic and having substandard medicine done. So I have been spending out of the funds from this group of amazing physicians, hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to shut these people down. And so I’m very grateful not for the misfortune and I hate that misfortune happened, but I’m very grateful that articles like this are calling attention to what the heck is a Vampire Facial® was a very particular way of using an FDA approved kit to prepare, blood to go back on the face, which is what Kim Kardashian had.

I know for a fact the physician who did that was using an FDA approved kit done in the right way, so there’s absolutely no worry. If you go to here and you look at all these 10,000 papers, which I’ve read most of them and I read all the review papers, you won’t find any serious infections. You will find research showing that it helps fight infection, so just go over here and putting in fake infection and you will see that the dentist and the wound care physicians, they use it to help fight infections in transplant and all sorts of stuff. Diabetic treatment of chronic wound and so you can see this helping eye ulcers. You can literally put it in your eye for dry. It’s a very, very safe thing that’s coming from the person’s own blood. So done properly, there is nothing in the room that has blood of anybody else on it and everything is sterile as it should be in a medical facility where you’re dealing with blood every day, all day long in every room or an emergency room where I worked for 12 years, so it was blood everywhere all the time, but it doesn’t mean that anybody ever gets cross-contaminated because you follow the right procedures.

So all the people on our list of providers, if you go here, Vampire Facelift® after Vampire Facial® and you click to find a provider, all these people have been, uh, have been, have agreed to follow the right protocols. And we turned down three people just this week of people trying to do our procedures who are not qualified. They apply and we say, no, I’m sorry. Or, and then we had I think 200 and something letters going out last week, shutting down the infringers. So you can see a list of the infringer’s here. You can see some of the litigation. We’re under some of the people who sell the kits want to be able to use our name to sell some of the kits that are FDA approved, but then they want to use our name. Some of the salespeople haven’t in the past and even currently using our good name to sell the kit and then they want it to just mean using plasma with that kit and no particular method.

So that’s kinda what this is. Let me go back and make sure I’ve answered this. So how does the process work? I think a covered that. We draw blood in a sterile fashion from the patient. It’s put in a centrifuge made to process blood to go back that patient in a very safe way. Then that person’s blood is then put on the face and then a device that’s FDA approved for doing this. Now you can buy these off of Amazon and not all devices are FDA approved. Some little devices suck blood up into the handle and so even if you clean up the room, you got blood in the handle of the freaking device. So you want to make sure that the device is Fda approved to so then you do micro needling. And if you go to the Vampire Facial® website, that’s the facelift. If you go to the Vampire Facial®, Vampire Facial®.com and then you look and then you scroll down, you’re like, so you see me doing a Vampire Facial® on one of the beautiful, uh, Yasmin, one of the beautiful reporters at CNN and you see what I’m having, I have gloves on, have a device that is, that is approved, does not suck blood up into the handle is completely closed off, have plastics, so that are a disposable condoms sort of thing that keeps any blood off of the thing. So the, so that the only thing that’s contaminated with her blood, which is not a contaminant to her because it’s her blood, it’s clean. And so, um, so this gets thrown away and then this is protected. Of course, the gloves are thrown away and then everything has gone that had her blood on it and the device is made such that the blood cannot be transferred from there to there into the handle.

And that, and even still the devices cleansed before it’s used again. And then with the next person, there are new gloves, there’s a new clean condom, a new tip that’s making multiple puncture wounds, about 80,000 punctuations of at about half a millimeter to two and a half millimeters deep. And then the blood is applied topically and that’s a Vampire Facial®. Now it’s not just for cosmetic reasons. Before some of you say, oh, just age gracefully. First of all, who says that about the house? I’m not going to paint my house, I’m not going to wash my car or wax my car. I’m just going to age gracefully. That’s middle-aged stuff. Those old priests who thought you shouldn’t be the body because you should be paying attention to the inner soul. Okay, take care of your soul, but take care of your body too. And don’t make any excuses for it.

So it’s okay to take care of your body as long as it’s done in a safe way. So over 10,000 papers all at one of the FDA kits or loan, one of the FDA devices alone, they sell over a million tubes that are used to process of the blood per year. So there are millions per year, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million PRP procedures, at least probably closer to 10. Well PRP procedures per year worldwide, and never one, never one serious sequelae ever, not a Neoplasia, not a serious infection. Methane, when it’s been prepared with an FDA approved kit and done by a trained professional, nothing. Not one except for one incident where someone injected the eyeball. So don’t inject eyeballs on the who got that crazy idea. Actually, I’m told it can be done safely in the right hands, except for that one incident where an eyeball is injected, no series sequelae ever.

And it’s not just about being beautiful. I know because I had serious cystic acne. I know what it’s like to have adults look at you and you’re a teenager and ask you what’s wrong with your face because pus is running out of your nose and people are too fucking. Excuse my language. They’re too stupid to know that as a teenager that is painful emotionally and physically and using micro needling, we can fix those scars. Uh, and it’s been proven. You can read the research here, it’s been proven to work better if you use our Vampire Facial® procedure where you combine the micro needling with PRP. I’m sorry I lost my temper, but there’s a lot of pain with having acne and needing to hide your face as a child, not a few bumps with serious cystic acne and it can cause horrible scarring. And, and our Vampire Facial® is a way to fix that.

We can also help a keloid. We can help hair regrow. And so this is an important advance, a very important advance in medicine that should be taken seriously. So what are the questions? What are the health risks? The benefits. We just covered some of that it’s aesthetic, it’s hair growth, it’s scars. It’s a, for example, one lady, I, treated, had horrible zoster, which is a, it’s like herpes on your face with after horribly scarred and she felt embarrassed to go to her granddaughter’s wedding. Why should I not be able to fix that? And I see the blogs and I know some of you guys would put on here, well just age gracefully or it’s all beauty is in the soul yeah, but this is our body temple and we get to take care of it if we want to, especially if it’s something safe.

So the health risk of undergoing the procedure. 35,000 people per year die from gastrointestinal bleeding from aspirin, nonsteroidals no one whenever, with millions of procedures done per year has ever died or had a serious infection from PRP as a standalone. So the health risk or basically zero of the same. I won’t say there is no sequentially. People have pain, they get bruising. Things happen as far as a serious life threatening thing. Like what happened here in this New Mexico thing is never happened one time with millions of procedures per year. So I don’t know anything else that is safe. And the reason it’s safe is we’re using the person’s own blood and that part of the blood that helps you recover from other procedures. So when you have surgery, the thing that helps you recover, it’s PRP. When you scraped your knee as a child, that scab that formed, that helped you regrow the new skin that was platelet rich fibrin matrix, which comes from PRP.

So how rare instances like this occurred in New Mexico? Well, I don’t know because of what happened in Mexico was not one of our people, but I can tell you that this never happens with our people because we followed the right protocols. Now I’m not up in everybody’s office, I can’t watch over everybody’s shoulder anymore than anybody that’s a member of the American board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They don’t have board members watching everything they do, but that board ask people to follow certain guidelines when they do a hysterectomy or a pap smear. And if somebody is out of line, they get kicked out of the group. We’ve only had to kick one person out of our group and and no, there was no serious harm. It was just, they weren’t following our guidelines. So we don’t let everybody in and we don’t let everybody else stay in.

So why did this occur? Because it was in the hands of someone who was not licensed and able, first of all, they weren’t even licensed to be able to do handle blood the best I can tell, the way they were doing it, but they weren’t part of our group. So if you want to make sure that you’re seeing someone who’s able to do this then and has agreed to follow the right protocols, we’re using FDA approved kits, then you should click on find a provider and find somebody that’s in our group. It doesn’t mean others aren’t doing it the right way, but I can promise you that the people in our group have agreed to do it the right way and they have the proper licenses for their state, so in some states is perfectly acceptable for a nurse practitioner or an RN or a physician’s assistant.

Physician’s assistants help with heart bypass surgery. If you’ve got the right training, you can handle blood. It doesn’t have to be an md or a do, but it needs to be someone who in their state is able to. Guideline we follow is in their state. Are they able to inject botox and Juvederm and basically because you can get serious sequelae from say Juvederm can cause necrosis and blindness even if done the wrong way. PRPs never done that, so if they’re licensed, if they are able to get a license to use Juvederm in their state, we approve it. This person when this happened, was not part of our group and so the person that happened to you might have avoided it had they only gone to someone listed on our provider list. I’m not blaming the victim because apparently the people who are running this must have been pretty persuasive.

They had a clinic going, but if you do you blame the manufacturers of tylenol. If someone opens up a tylenol bottle, takes a pill that’s not really tylenol. If the. If the seal was broken on the bottle, that would be you be suspicious that it wasn’t really tylenol. If the seal is broken when we bought it at the store, probably wouldn’t even purchase it. So in the same way I would be suspicious of anybody who’s using the word Vampire Facial® in the United States because by definition If they’re not on our list, if someone’s using that name and they’re not on our provider list, they are stealing. Now there are people who are trying to say that it’s not really a thing and that I just want to use it and it’s. There’s no reason you have rights to it.

Well, yeah, there is. We proved it to us patent and trademark office and the people who were challenging it are all people who stand to benefit financially if it goes generic, but the reason I have fought and spent way more than a house cost here in this state to defend it is that if it goes generic, there’ll be more of this sort of thing happening and it’s to everyone’s benefit if that this mean actually doing things in an ethical way now. So if you want to know more about that, there’s stuff here you can go to. You can see the people that are infringers you and you can see who I am, who the Cellular Medicine Association is and like anything you’re going to find good and bad out there, but we are fighting for the safety of the use of something that can be faked off. Like you can’t go out and pretend that your a gynecologist and do a hysterectomy. That’s not going to happen, but you can buy lab equipment on Amazon and pretend like you’re doing and you can buy a micro needling device on Amazon and pretend like you’re doing a Vampire Facial® and both devices could be substandard and you could be hurting people all day long. I’ll just show you. Here’s Amazon and we’ll go to. We’ll put in micro needling.

There you go. All sorts of micro needling devices so you could buy one of these devices and if you’re using it on yourself over and over again, okay. You don’t really know how we’re doing it, so it’s going to be less than how we do it in the way we teach it, but you have a way to look like you know what you’re doing and all of these would be at risk for transmitting disease. Most likely I haven’t examined on them all, but I know they’re not FDA approved for using it on multiple people, so yeah, if you want to buy this and do it to yourself, go for it. It’s not going to be as. It would actually be dangerous, extremely dangerous and criminal. If you took this and you started using it on multiple people. Okay, so that’s where you could actually buy that and you can go by what’s this? You can buy, let’s see, blood. So we’re going to go there. Those as on Amazon. You can buy 100. That means 100 tubes for 57 bucks, so

six pennies a piece. Believe me, these FDA kits are way, way, way more expensive than that. So you could go get these kits. You could go get the micro needling device and you can pretend like you’re doing great medicine and you could be hurting people, making them sick all day long, so for example, you couldn’t fake people and pretend like you’re doing hysterectomies or mastectomies or brain surgery, but you can fake all people and make it look like you know what you’re doing and we’re doing this and you will be hurting people all day long and how to know that someone is actually trained and not using these substandard kits.

You go to our official website for the Vampire Facial®, the Vampire Facelift®. You Click on our provider and you know that they’ve been trained to know what’s the FDA approved kits, how should they be used, and then they take their previous knowledge from being a physician or a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant used to dealing with blood in critical situations and then they apply that to a much, much simpler process.

And they do it safely all day long every day. Just like the handle blood all day long, every day in the er or the operating suite. And the thing about it, you’re cutting people open, blood’s all over the place, and then the next person rolls into the room and nobody gets cross contaminated. So a little procedure with a little one tube of blood and microneedling is a very easy thing to do safely from someone who’s trained adequately.

It’s a good way to hurt people if you don’t know what you’re doing. So again, our people have been trained. We have teachers that are officially our teachers. We have 70 of them worldwide now. Not In every country, but multiple countries that are trained. If you go to Cellular Medicine Association, you’ll find a link to our teachers and to our classes and we have some of the best teachers out there, faculty and multiple medical schools who know what they’re doing and they’re doing this and teaching it the right way.

Orthopedic, sir, excuse me, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologist doing this the right way. So this is, this is where you go and amazing, amazing people. So it makes me angry when someone does this.

Obviously I don’t blame the victim because they were duped by someone, but our name is clean. When you go to our list of people who have been properly trained, if you don’t and you see someone else using our name, you’re doing exactly the same thing that’s taking medicine from a bottle that the seal was broken on because you don’t know what’s in the bottle and you may get something wonderful, but you also may get poisoned. So hope that helps and you guys feel free to contact me. The press can reach me or doctors can reach me at the Cellular Medicine Association. Just go there and then click on the contact button and you can reach me. And that’s also my email address. So I hope that helps clear this up. It’s horrible that someone has possibly been hurt. And uh, I hope that helps you know, how to find someone who knows how to do something that’s very, very safe. That also has great benefit.


Important Notice from the Cellular Medicine Association

Qualified medical professionals handle blood all day long without serious problems and this procedure is even safer since it’s done with the patient’s own blood.

If you look on PubMed and search, “microneedling and acne scars” you’ll see that we can take a teenager who’s very embarrassed by acne scars and make him/her feel better about their appearance. We do other thing’s with the procedure, but that’s an example of how it can make a huge difference and can be done safely when in the right hands.

But done improperly–people can be killed by cross-contamination. The providers in this article were imposters. There’s an official website to find those who have been certified to do the procedure by the Cellular Medicine Association and where you can read the research — “click here to view the official directory”. Providers found there agreed to use devices approved by the FDA to both prepare the blood and to do the micro-needling.

Anyone advertising the Vampire Facial® who is not listed there is stealing intellectual property and cannot be trusted. See PubMed & search “microneedling” & “platelet-rich plasma” for more research The Vampire Facial® name is owned by me (see the website for the US Patent & Trademark office). Someone using the name —as described in this article—to trick people is exactly like someone making a fake Tylenol bottle and putting poison in it.

Please — buyer beware! Only providers listed on our official website should be trusted to do the procedure (Google “Vampire Facial”). We do our best to shut down the imposters. We list those we have found to be imposters/infringers at the website for the Cellular Medicine Association. But, the legal wheels turn slowly and expensively so people still use our good reputation to trick people.

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