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Low Libido in Women – Ending The Silence

Katherine Campbell, the mother of a newborn son, never imagined that her sex drive would vanish at age 27. She explained about how she felt that a switch in her head went off where she used to want sex and suddenly, she didn’t anymore. At first, she believed it was normal, but after a few months, she took to the Internet to find how prevalent this problem becomes among women. Many were saying that she had to stay patient, so she waited six months, but she still did not feel like anything had changed.

A year came and went and still nothing had changed. While she and her husband did have occasional sex, the growing problem was that it felt like she was just going through the motions. Not only did she not want sex, Campbell stopped joking around and making sexual innuendos, and it had a huge impact on distancing her from her husband. Low libido is a normal condition that has become prevalent among women, but many are afraid to talk about it. If you ask women if they have no interest in sex, around 40 percent of them will say yes. Many times, low libido occurs because of external circumstances like having financial troubles or a new baby.

Sometimes this condition has been referred to as sexual interest arousal disorder, but to be diagnosed with this condition, you need to have a low libido for a minimum of six months. Around 12 percent of women will meet this definition, and this is not women who are postmenopausal. These are healthy women who are aged from 20 to 40, and beyond this, everything is going well. The problem is how it can devastate your relationship with your partner. You can end up fighting with your partner more, and another problem is that it can also spill over into other areas like having low self-confidence and a poor body image.

What’s a good treatment for women suffering from sexual interest arousal disorder? The latest treatment for this problem is called the O-Shot for Women, the treatment not only boosts sexual satisfaction, it also helps with a person’s libido. When a woman has the O-Shot done, blood will be drawn, and the platelets will be separated from it. Afterwards, they will be injected inside the vagina, close to the clitoris after a very strong topical numbing cream is applied which makes the procedure painless. The O-Shot gets injected into an area that has been dubbed the O-Spot because it stimulates the growth of newer cells, and it helps with making this area more sensitive.

Many women who are older or have had children will find that their clitoral sensitivity has been reduced, and in some cases, it has been tremendously lowered. The advantage of the O-Shot is how it also has a long-term impact to bring back pleasure to your sex life.

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