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The Orgasm System

Seem’s physicians finally figured out what Emerson said many years ago, “Beauty (and sex) are the scaffolding of Love.”

A study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) showed that “sexual dysfunction is a serious psychological phenomenon.” associated with “low personal and relational well being” .

A practice bulletin in Obstetrics & Gynecology (April 2011) said that only 14% of women EVER have a conversation about sex with their physician. The authors (who were giving advice to the gynecologists of the US) stated evidence showing that part of the reason that physician’s avoid the topic is that they have little to offer in the way of help.

Sexual problems make it difficult to establish relationships, more difficult to hold families together, and can result in depression and loss of energy for life in general. Yet the research concerning sexual problems in women is shockingly scant.

Best research presently estimates that 30% of men and 40% of women suffer because of sexual problems. These numbers do NOT count those who report to be OK with the fact that they do not have orgasm or do have pain with sex. If the person has become resolved to the sexual problem and reports no social or physical distress–then that person is not counted in those 2 numbers (30 and 40%). So, the actual numbers of people who live their life with sexual problems is actually greater.

Conservatively, 3 in 10 men and 4 in 10 women suffering with sexual problems–meaning that around 90 million adults in the US alone are distressed by the physical and social implications of their sexual problems.

The ripple effect to families and children and society is beyond calculation.

It’s not just “father” or “mother” who has a sex problem–it’s the children who now live in two separate households, it’s the friends and coworkers of a depressed person.

Why Do Women Still Suffer?

The reason women still suffer is that there’s nothing that’s been proven to be helpful to women with sexual problems – NOTHING.

Here’s a video reviewing the recent medical research of the O-Shot for women.

The New Way of Thinking that Unlocks Female Passion…

Up until now, scientists considered the vagina a simple tube into which the penis is inserted to deposit sperm. That’s it!

Then, Dr. Gräfenberg (of the G-Spot) described the urethra (tube that drains urine from the bladder) as a very erotic zone for the female and introduced the idea of stimulating the urethra by pressure on the roof of the vagina. Since the urethra runs very close to the vagina–pressure on the wall of the vagina in the proper place would stimulate the urethra.


1. Now we know the Skene’s glands (or periurethral glands) secrete fluid similar to the male prostate. This fluid even contains prostate-specific antigen, PSA, and makes up the fluid in a woman’s ejaculate.

2. We can measure hormones now that we could not measure. For example, free T3, one of the major thyroid hormones–which can change sex drive–could not be measured directly in Dr G’s day.

3. We know that the emotions and sexual response can be changed in much more profound ways by some of these same hormones–like Prolactin (which lowers the sex drive) and growth hormone (which can help with weight loss and depression and improve sex drive).

4. We have hormones therapies that were not available–for example ways of lowering prolactin and raising growth hormone that were not available even in the 1980’s. Until the late 1980’s, the only source of growth hormone was cadavers–now it can be genetically engineered and produced in the lab in large quantities.

5. We now can use convenient ways of preparing platelet-derived growth factors which can then be used to stimulate unipotent stem cells, as in the O-Shot (R) procedure.

6. We now know ways of activating and releasing emotional blocks with advanced counselling techniques.

7. We now know ways of mechanically stimulating the vaginal tissues in such a way to bring more than one kind of orgasm with each type originating from a different place (emotionally and physically) and arriving at a different place (emotional and physician results).

In summary, before, scientists simply thought of the female genitals as a tube–now we know about a total SYSTEM.

Just like there’s a respiratory system, a cardiovascular system, and a nervous system–now we know there’s an Orgasm System–a complex and elegant system of tissue, nerves, hormones, and organs that produce the orgasm response.

By thinking of the sexual response as the outcome of a system, now we can think about how to best to create maximal function for each part and so Activate the Orgasm System!

Female Orgasm System

Just as tuning a complex machine (like an automobile) requires knowing about each part of the machine and how to make all the parts work together–in the same way, activating the female Orgasm System requires a concerted effort to make each part function at it’s best.

Your car’s engine can be perfect, but it’s still going nowhere if the tires are flat.

In the same way, you can enjoy top health but you may have no orgasm if you face limiting emotional limits to the system or if your lover does not understand best ways to activate the orgasm system.

To make things worse, not only does every woman function in some ways in a different way from every other woman–the same woman functions differently on different days.

So, the expert lover must understand his lover’s orgasm system, know how to read the “gauges” of emotional and physical response and to adjust accordingly.

I think you can see the world changing results of taking a “Systems” view–rather than seeing the woman either as individual parts (or even worse, horridly, as simply a person attached to a simple vaginal tube).

Now, we can see the advantages of thinking deeply not only about each part of the Orgasm System but also about how to alter each part of the system to make it healthier and to help the each part work together to create Maximal Activation.

Activate the Female Orgasm System

Here’s a list of things to do to activate the orgasm system…

1. Make sure to bring testosterone to optimal levels. It’s the one and only way that’s proven to help–at least in the short term.

2. Find excellent counselling about the female orgasm system from counselors who understand this concept.

3. Rejuvenate the vaginal tissue using a variety of means – hormone creams, the O-Shot (R) procedure, and nutritional and physical therapies

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