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Hands-On PRP Training in Naples, Florida

If you’re a physician or independent practitioner looking to provide safe and effective regenerative and aesthetic procedures to your patients while dramatically increasing your revenue then you already know that…you need to become certified in the Vampire procedures, the O-Shot and the P-Shot.

In this hands-on course, practitioners will learn how to perform six different Vampire/PRP procedures, including: The Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Breast Lift®, O-Shot®,  Vampire WingLift®, PRP Hair Restoration, and The Priapus Shot®. This course will give you the hands-on practice and experience you need to be able to safely deliver these innovative treatments to your patients. The cost is $3897 per injector.
Membership at the Cellular Medicine Association and attendance at this course will grant you a certificate of completion from the Cellular Medicine Association and qualifies you to be listed on Dr. Runels’ directory of approved providers, license to use the names of his trademarked procedures in your marketing, ongoing support, access to webinars, and more.

By the end of our ONE DAY hands-on workshop, you will have performed the procedures on live patients AND be certified in ALL of the following:

  • O-Shot for Women®
  • Vampire WingLift® 
  • Priapus® Shot
  • Vampire Facelift®
  • Vampire Facial® with Microneedling
  • Vampire Breast Lift®
  • Vampire Hair Regrowth®

Even though the reasons to offer these effective, safe, cash procedures are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but. Therefore,

INCLUDED in your workshop day at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE…..

Dr. George Liakeas is a board certified physician in NYC, a member of The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and The American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association. 

A magna cum laude graduate of State University of New York at Stony Brook, Honors College and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. George has been in practice in New York City since 2000.

Skilled in the latest technological advances, he specializes in results-oriented, non-surgical aesthetic and rejuvenating procedures for both women and men, including Botox®, cosmetic fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies including the Vampire Facial® and the Vampire Facelift®, and sexual rejuvenation treatments including the P Shot, The O Shot® and Femilift®.

Both!  You will actually do part of or all of each procedure depending on the size of the class.  You will also observe the other providers performing the procedures on our models.  

Absolutely!  I HIGHLY encourage that and it is the norm for most of the models used in training to be the docs being trained or their spouses.  When you sign up, you just email us and let us know that you would like to be a model. Our models get the benefit of having the Trifecta done, which is a $5000 + procedure you get done FREE !!.  The female Trifecta includes O-Shot + Vampire FaceLift + Vampire BreastLift. The Male Trifecta includes P-Shot + Vampire FaceLift (Male) + Vampire Hair Regrowth.

Yes you will!  There are differences in treating the male face compared to the female face with the Vampire FaceLift, and the differences between the P-shot for men and the O-Shot for women…well that is obvious.  The P-Shot treats the penis and the O-Shot treats the vagina.

Yes! You are highly encouraged to bring a staff member with you, it is a small additional charge ($500) for the value that it will bring to your experience and your success when you go home.  Your staff and/or marketing team will need to understand (and better yet, experience) these procedures to discuss them with patients and to market them, and Dr. Runels has a very specific phone and in-person script that he teaches for your staff. We do not have anyone in the training who is not registered to be there.  If your spouse is part of your practice or your marketing, then you would register them as your admin staff member. Anyone traveling with you who is not registered for the course can enjoy our beautiful beaches, world famous golf, deep sea fishing or other activities in Naples while you are in training.

If you are coming here between December through May, I recommend 2 months in advance if possible to secure your hotel room.  I have provided many options in case your first choice is full and there many hotel choices. Our population more than doubles during those “in season” months and often the hotels fill up completely.  There are also AirB&B and VRBO options to look at as well if the hotels are full. 

I do NOT recommend trying to leave Saturday evening. You will undoubtedly miss some of your training since we are getting the whole training completed in one day, we may still be in training at 6 or 7pm if we haven’t finished.  I will also use whatever time is left Saturday late afternoon and early evening to teach more marketing strategies which you will not want to miss!

A light jacket in case you get chilly and any supplements or medications you take during the day since there will not be time to go back to your hotel once we get started.  We will provide you with a notebook and a pen as well as all supplies needed for doing the procedures. Our office is completely latex-free, so no need to bring your own gloves if you are sensitive to latex. If you are planning on (or even considering) taking the Podcasting and Video Made Easy workshop on Sunday, you must bring one iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or newer generation iPad) or plan to purchase one while here.

Yes!  As long as you practice in a state where Physician’s Assistants and/or Nurse Practitioners are permitted to do these procedures.  I strongly recommend confirming these procedures are in your scope of practice both with your state board as well as your professional liability carrier if you carry malpractice insurance.  We do not currently train naturopathic physicians.

As a licensed provider, you will have your name, practice info, link to your website and contact information listed in each directory you are licensed for (O-Shot, P-Shot and all Vampire procedures).  You will also have access to the weekly webinar “Pearls and Marketing” that Dr. Runels puts on every week. You will have the use of all of Dr. Runels logos, marketing emails and links, member’s access to the websites which includes a Q&A forum as well as videos and marketing material all that you have access to use.  You will ALSO have the permission to use the trademarked names of these procedures in your marketing materials, website, and in your clinic. You will enjoy preferred pricing on books, materials and Altar cream as being part of the group and you will have ongoing support from the CMA and from me, to ensure your success.

After the training, you will get 3 months of licensing on ALL the procedures you learned for FREE (which is an $873.00 value!) and then it is only $97/month for ALL Vampire Procedures (includes FaceLift, Facial, BreastLift, Hair, WingLift), $97 per month for O-Shot, $97 per month for P-Shot.

No, if you practice in a state where Physician’s Assistants and/or Nurse Practitioners are permitted to do these procedures, then it is a separate registration for your PA or ARNP to be able to do them in your practice. They need to go through this training and get certified the same as you did, HOWEVER your monthly licensing fee for the procedures INCLUDES 3 PROVIDERS PER LOCATION, so once they are certified, if they are practicing in your same location, they can be included. 

Nearest Airport: Regional SouthWest (RSW) in Fort Myers (Uber ride is usually $20.00)
Hotel Recommendations: The Hampton Inn


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