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Hands-On & Online PRP Training Courses for Physicians and Nurses

Approved physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, and other qualified medical professionals become licensed providers, either through online or in-person Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) training with Dr. Charles Runels. Once accepted, trained, and certified, members can begin administering and marketing the procedures. Providers tap into a pre-existing global demand for medical procedures such as the O-Shot®, Priapus Shot®, Vampire Breast Lift®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Facelift®, and PRP for hair restoration, which have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar and other national publications across the world.

What's Included as a Certified Provider?

The Cellular Medicine Association is a provider group that protects their procedures, intellectual property, and members. As a member, you may use the trademarked names and any of the ACCMA’s marketing materials to identify yourself as part of the group. To ensure uniformity and quality of medical care, each practitioner is taught to administer the procedure in a standardized fashion. After training, you will have the information needed to perform the procedures and the marketing know-how necessary to attract paying patients.

License to Use The Procedure Trademark

Instructional Videos of Procedures Performed

Listing on Dr. Runels' Provider Directory

Patient Consent Forms & Protocol Guides

List of Materials & Suggested Sources

Monthly Webinars with Dr. Charles Runels

Marketing Tips & Strategies from Dr. Runels

Access to Dr. Runel's Personal Cell Phone

A Community Dedicated to Regenerative Medicine

What's Included Once You Become a Certified Provider?

License to Use The Procedure Trademark

Listing on Dr. Runels' Provider Directory

Monthly Webinars with Dr. Charles Runels

Marketing Tips & Strategies from Dr. Runels

A Community Dedicated to Modern Medicine

Training Videos Demonstrating Procedures

Patient Consent Forms & Protocol Guides

List of Materials & Suggested Sources

Access to Dr. Runel's Personal Cell Phone

Platelet Rich Plasma for Sexual Health & Aesthetics

Join a community of doctors, nurses, PA’s, and more who are pioneers in sexual wellness and aesthetic regenerative medicine. Dr. Runels’ procedures help medical professionals who want to separate themselves from insurance and offer patients a safer alternative to surgical or pharmaceutical treatment options.

O-Shot® helps with:

Priapus Shot® helps with:

Vampire Procedures help with:

How the PRP Training Courses Work:

Register to Become a Licensed Provider of the ACCMA

On our application form, you'll be able to choose the procedure(s) you're interested in becoming certified to perform. Once submitted, Dr. Runels will review and approve you for training within 24 hours.

Watch Online Training Videos & Pass a Simple Quiz

PRP training consists of medically explicit didactic videos instructing you how to perform the procedure. Videos cover each step of the process from drawing blood, centrifuge settings, injection techniques, and more.

Receive Your Certificate & Get Added to the Directory

You'll be mailed a physical certificate which you can display prominently in your clinic or treatment room. You'll also be added to each directory of approved providers for the procedures you're licensed to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When people ask us, “Why do I need to pay a monthly fee.” That question is usually followed up with “Well if I get trained, then it means I know how to do it, and I don’t have to call it the ‘P-Shot’ or the ‘O-Shot’ or the ‘Vampire Facelift’ I could call it Dr. Sam’s Penile Rejuvenation, and offer the procedure?”


You could. But here’s why you shouldn’t.


You’re losing out on a lot of organic search traffic. All the work has been done for you.


By leveraging brand names that have countless mentions in the press including sources such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Allure, Women's Health, People, OK Magazine, etc. you shorten your path to profitability since the O-Shot, P-Shot, and Vampire Procedures are already names that patients trust with sources of social proof online. Why start from the ground floor when you can stand on the shoulder of giants?


“The best way to have a name brand is to have a name brand that actually means something.” - Dr. Charles Runels


Given the minimum of $1200 you'd receive for performing the O-Shot or P-Shot, you’d pay for the yearly cost of membership with one patient. Even if just being in the directory of approved providers gets you more than one patient a year then it pays for the entire membership.


Dr. Runels’ wants to keep the quality of the provider groups high and ensure only those who are 100% happy with the value received with membership stay onboard. By offering a 90-Day money-back guarantee for any reason whatsoever, there is virtually no risk.


And if for any reason you decide to cancel, then Dr. Runels' simply asks that you stop using the trademarks.

The main question comes down to this: Do you want to spend time with Dr. Runels in-person with live models or are you an experienced injector who wants to get up and running to be able to deliver the procedure to your patients sooner?


Whichever option works best for your schedule and learning experience, Dr. Runels is happy to invite you to join an exclusive group of practitioners who are changing patients’ lives through regenerative medicine.


Advantages of Online Training


Online you're watching medically explicit videos of the procedures being performed. Each procedure is explained in full detail.


  • Convenience; Learn on your own time
  • Divide up your learning for better retention
  • Hit the ground running and start offering the procedures without waiting for a live training date (they usually sell out months in advance)
  • Virtually, you can still see Dr. Runels' hands at work
  • Medical videos, webinars, and classes for visual learners
  • Class tuition is $1000 lower than live training (if you learned all 6 procedures, cheaper if you only want to learn certain ones)
  • You can choose to pay and get certified for only the procedures you want to offer or start out with one then add as you go.

Advantages of In-Person Training


  • Face-to-face time with the inventor of the procedure, Dr. Charles Runels
  • Learn all 6 procedures within the span of a 2-day workshop
  • Live Q&A
  • The class size is capped at 7 people
  • Training is practiced on live models
  • You can choose to be a model yourself - and have ANY of the procedures performed on you during the course of the training
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included
  • There's something to be said about spending 2 days with the one and only Dr. Charles Runels
Online training consists of medically explicit videos detailing Dr. Runels and other doctors performing, explaining, and going through the procedure. You will have access to the online training portal where you will have 24/7-On-Demand access to watch the training videos and go through the course at your own pace. Most people can complete one of the training classes over the weekend. If you start the O-Shot training on Friday you can be ready to perform the procedure by Monday morning. As a provider you have continued access for the lifetime of your membership if you need a refresher at any point.
  • 24/7 access to online training videos, patient consent forms, protocol guides, access to webinars, etc.
  • License to use the trademarked procedure names in your marketing.
  • You'll be listed on the directory of approved providers for each procedure you're certified for to increase your exposure to new patients.
  • National advertising and press to increase demand for Dr. Runels' procedures.
  • List of materials needed & recommended sources for those materials.
  • Direct access to Dr. Runel's personal cell number and staff for support.

There is a monthly fee per procedure to license the trademark and become certified to offer that procedure.


You can have 3 providers at a single location underneath the same monthly membership fee for that one procedure.


Here are two scenario's to help you understand how it works:


A) If you had 3 NP's at the same location and all three got trained and certified to perform the O-Shot then they would all be covered under a single fee of $97/month. 


B) If you had 3 NP's at the same location and one did the O-Shot, another the Vampire Bundle, and the other the P-Shot, then it would be $97/mo x3. 

You need a valid medical license. Currently, the ACCMA is able to provide PRP training for nurses, doctors, physicians assistants, and many other medical practitioners. Phlebotomists can only perform the Vampire Facial. Dentists can only perform either the Vampire Facelift or Vampire Facial. If you're unsure if you are qualified or not, please feel free to contact us.


Dr. Runels is NOT able to train: Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Naturopaths, Beauty Therapists, and Chiropractors. As a rule of thumb, if you are licensed by your medical board to perform injectables like Juverderm, Botox, and Restylane, then you can perform the PRP procedures. It is recommended that you have experience with botox or fillers before going to the live training.

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